ACCOUNTING 102-Collect and analyze newspaper or magazine article

Subject: Business    / Accounting

article analyses: Collect and analyze newspaper or magazine article relating to managerial accounting issue. The following “rules” apply- the analysis of article should:

A short paper to summarize the analysis should include:

Describe what specific managerial accounting concept(s) is (are) discussed in the article;
What is your understanding of the concept(s); and
Explain why this article is a good example of the concept(s).

Source and date of article must be indicated. All types of magazines and newspapers are eligible.
The analysis paper must be typed (or word processed) and double-spaced. Cut and paste the article into the document. Provide proper citation.
The analysis paper of article is limited to a maximum of two pages.

Analyses will be graded on:

Quality of the analysis of article.
Appropriateness of the articles selected.
Diversity of topics covered in the articles.
Overall presentation of the materials.