160 Plus Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for MSN,DNP & BSN

160 Plus Best Nursing Capstone Project Ideas for MSN,DNP & BSN

Why is a Nursing Capstone Project Important?

Transition from student to career life is often challenging to most students. This is because most students have no idea how they are able to fit in the society and practice as professionals that they have been trained to become. It is this challenge that informed the inception of capstone project in nursing faculties all over the world. Nursing capstone project works as a nexus between the end of nursing education and the beginning of a career, thus making it possible for the students to put what they have learned into practice. While not every nursing program requires a capstone project, Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) and Doctor of Nursing Practice(DNP) require that a student undertakes a capstone activity before they are awarded with the specific degree. While the requirements differ from university to university, capstone projects in nursing largely consists of an evidence-based practice formal paper or presentation.

Useful Sources of Nursing Capstone Project topics

The development of a capstone project is usually involving. First, students have to think about topics that will make their transition from schooling to career practice easier. Indeed, it is the role of the capstone project to act as a bridge during this transition. Second, the capstone project must not only be relevant but also scientifically sound for it to serve its purpose effectively. As such, it is important that students get it right from the very start—choosing a project topic that is doable. This is so because some topics are not only dry with no perceivable content online, other topics might be too broad beyond the scope of a student who is “merely” transiting from college life to external, career life. So, this begs the question, how and where then can students get doable and perceivable nursing capstone projects? At applewriters.com we help you with quite a number of sources that can be of great benefit to a student at this particular stage in their education.

  1. Capstone project papers from the previous classes. One of the underrated sources of nursing capstone project is capstone papers from the previous classes. This is especially possible when one is paired with a graduate student tasked with guiding them through the entire project. The role of the graduate in this case is not only to provide guidance but also ideas that can be useful to the student as they work through their capstone project. At this point, it is important to enquire about past capstone projects to guide you on what specific aspects of the project you need to get very well and emphasize on. Further, discussing with friends who have been through “capstone project writing” to provide ideas and share topics that they feel might be relevant is also another way of getting to choose a workable capstone project topic.
  2. Newspaper articles. Reading newspaper articles that specifically focus on nursing issues is another way of identifying ideas on the relevant topics in nursing practice capable of becoming a good capstone project. The advantage with nursing news articles is that they share information that is up to date regarding nursing practice, including the challenges. By reading these articles, therefore, one can easily identify specific areas that interest them in the practice of nursing and write a capstone project on it. Areas in nursing that are increasingly becoming important such as care for the elderly can make good capstone projects. However, a good student of nursing with a keen interest in writing a compelling capstone project must not stop at nursing news articles.
  3. Peer-reviewed journals can be used to complement concepts that are already learnt in nursing news articles. Access to peer-reviewed journals and related databases is important as it enables one to be abreast with the developments in the specific area of interest in terms of the publications already and the gaps that can be filled through the capstone project. Journal articles are especially important as they provide an individual with insights regarding the specific area of focus to be completed through capstone project while at the same time giving tips on how to frame important aspects of report writing that are relevant to capstone projects such as literature review in nursing, formulating objectives and report writing. As such, it is important that you constantly read articles from peer-reviewed journals to build your knowledge base.

Tips on writing a high scoring capstone project paper

Students are concerned about high grades whenever they sit for or write gradable exams. It is the same thing with capstone projects: you would like to fetch the highest marks possible from your capstone project. But how is that possible? Are there ways through which one could write a unique capstone project and get quality grades from it? What are the tricks. Here are some tips on writing a high scoring capstone project.

  1. Choose an idea that is unique for your capstone project. When you want your capstone project to be unique, it is imperative that you start that right from choosing your topic. To achieve this, you need to choose a topic that has not been widely discussed and presented. A topic already presented before faculties before will limit your research because nearly all the information will be available on the internet. The thrill of capstone projects is presenting before your instructors a new idea. This way, you make it possible for others coming after you to follow your path and develop the practice of nursing further. A novel topic also broadens your knowledge on research, analysis and presentation of information.
  2. Identify which particular area of nursing interests you and then choose a topic related to that. This is because a capstone project should be an exploration around and about the nursing specialty that interests you most. That way, you will get to enjoy the whole project. For instance, if you have passion for geriatric nursing, then your capstone project topic should be about old age and the care for the elderly. On the other hand, if your interest is in digitization of patient records, then it implies that your strength is in health informatics, and so your topic should be one that centers around patient records and how they can be used to improve patient outcomes. Bottom line is that it is better if you choose your capstone project topic in an area in nursing that you are passionate about as that makes it easier for you to do it without getting bored or discouraged along the way.
  3. The internet is equally an important tool that you should use properly as you work on your capstone project. The internet is increasingly becoming an indispensable tool in nursing research. This is because nursing articles, peer-reviewed journals and databases can now be accessed through Google search. Use the internet to look for the scholarly sources that support your capstone idea of choice. Again, you do not want to choose a nursing capstone idea that does not have credible facts to support your idea. Go for the best nursing capstone ideas supported by theories, frameworks, and facts from scholarly nursing sources. Moreover, it also helps to have a range of nursing capstone ideas. Then after coming up with three-four topic ideas, consult with your capstone project mentor on the best approach to take. Having more than one topic for the capstone makes it easier to switch from one topic to another should one not be approved by the instructor for various reasons.

Mental Health Nursing Capstone Project Topics

  1. The link between homelessness and mental health issues
  2. The efficiency of Yoga in maintaining mental health wellbeing
  3. Use of expressive art therapy for positive youth development
  4. Using CBT for PTSD affected veterans
  5. Impact of sexual abuse on children
  6. How domestic violence affects the children
  7. Culture-based mental health programs
  8. Impacts of bullying at the workplace for new nurses
  9. Development of a new mental health guide for educators
  10. The use of cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques in psychiatric facilities
  11. Art therapy and mental health
  12. Causes of suicide among youths
  13. Child and adolescent psychiatry
  14. Ketamine infusion therapy
  15. Tobacco dependence
  16. Safety in the psychiatric centers
  17. Preventing falls in psychiatric facilities
  18. Substance abuse disorders
  19. Substance abuse among the geriatric population
  20. Health education approach for mentally ill patients

Nursing Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

  1. HITECH Legislation and Electronic Medical Records in healthcare
  2. Data governance in healthcare settings
  3. Impacts of a healthcare data breach
  4. Use of Healthcare Information Technology to support evidence-based practice in nursing
  5. Importance of clinical support decision making systems
  6. The use of technology to bridge the nurse shortage gaps in rural areas
  7. Electronic health records in healthcare
  8. Nurse informatics competencies
  9. Meaningful use and HIT
  10. Health Information as a strategic resource in the Australian settings
  11. The Impact of Nursing Informatics on Patient Outcomes and Patient Care Efficiencies
  12. Healthcare management information system
  13. Collaborative decision making through shared governance in healthcare
  14. Ethics and data management in healthcare
  15. The use of big data in healthcare settings
  16. Robotics in surgery
  17. The use of electronic health records to offer patient-centered care
  18. Assisting recovering centers
  19. Role of nursing informatics in quality improvement
  20. E-learning as a professional development approach among nurses

Pediatric Nursing Capstone Project topics

  1. Medical complications of eating disorders based on 5 case studies
  2. Medical concerns of a child who is suspected as a victim of abuse
  3. Effective diagnostic testing for sexually transmitted diseases
  4. Prediction of seasonal allergic diseases in children using specific markers
  5. Top 5 genetic disorders, syndromes, and malformations of Gen Alpha
  6. Metabolic and molecular causes of genetic diseases
  7. Vaccines for the immune system protecting a person against new infections
  8. The glycemic control among children with T1DM
  9. Mild traumatic brain injury: Neuroimaging study based on a validated symptom rating scale
  10. Screening to prevent sudden cardiac death in newborn children.


Elderly Care Nursing Capstone topics

  1. Prevention of patient falls through education
  2. Fall prevention strategies in home settings
  3. Fall prevention strategies in hospitals
  4. Potential causes of falls in hospitals
  5. Defining fall and fall risk patient
  6. The use of SPICES framework and FAMILY cards to assess old patients
  7. Nursing interventions to prevent falls
  8. Evidence-based practice falls intervention strategies in hospital settings.
  9. The use of video and camera monitoring to prevent falls among elderly patients
  10. The use of technology in fall prevention

Women’s Health Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Preeclampsia among women
  2. Postpartum depression among women
  3. Diabetes management during pregnancy
  4. Addressing mental health among pregnant women in rural areas
  5. Smoking and pregnancy
  6. Infant mortality and preterm birth among African American women
  7. Teenage pregnancy
  8. Preventing pregnant women from Zika Virus
  9. The link between HPV and cervical cancer
  10. Mammography to detect breast cancers in women
  11. Gestational diabetes management
  12. Birth control approach among women
  13. Ectopic pregnancy
  14. Breast pumps and breastfeeding
  15. Using codeine and tramadol products in breastfeeding women

Oncology Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Patient perceptions regarding cancer care resources lead to most hospital readmissions.
  2. Nutritional assessment of children with cancer a challenge for oncology nurses.
  3. The difference in the mechanism of action of targeted therapy, chemotherapy.
  4. Approach to addressing the heparin shortage.
  5. The role of rehabilitation throughout cancer treatment
  6. Managing adverse effects of antiemetic prophylaxis
  7. Strategies for improving iron absorption in cases of iron-deficiency anemia
  8. Navigating the homeless patient through cancer care
  9. Nutritional assessment of children with cancer a challenge for oncology nurses
  10. Investigating the role of fertility navigators in onco-fertility care
  11. Unmet needs during extended survivorship
  12. Ending and beginnings – Grief, Loss, and Letting Go
  13. Creating a win/win by teaching patient responsibility
  14. The most overlooked symptom in cancer care
  15. Comprehensive geriatric assessments key to treatment planning in elderly patients
  16. Breaking bad news is a key but frequently neglected oncology nursing skill
  17. Poor adherence to guidelines for preventing chemotherapy-induced nausea, vomiting
  18. Oncology nurses must watch for CAR T-Cell therapy side effects
  19. Communication and autonomy are key inpatient quality of life
  20. Obesity in patients with cancer

Cardiac Nursing Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Clinical utility of a cardiac skills checklist for teens.
  2. Transitioning from student to RN: Bridging the gap with simulation.
  3. Quality of life for a patient with congestive heart failure.
  4. Dimensional analysis: An easy method for dosage calculations in cardiac nursing
  5. Pain management improvements in post-anesthesia care units following cardiac surgery
  6. Management and prevention of diabetes.
  7. Prevention of re-admissions for stroke patients.
  8. Coping with patients with acyanotic heart disease.
  9. Heart monitoring patients with sleep apnea.
  10. Review of visitation models for cardiac patients

Nursing Education Capstone ideas

  1. Decision making and nursing practice
  2. Patient centered care and nurse managers
  3. Collaboration between nurse management and human resources
  4. Nursing administration and mentorship
  5. Incivility prevention and teaching methods
  6. Incivility and nursing role
  7. Nurse educators and performance appraisal
  8. Nurse educators and clinical competence evaluation
  9. Nurse educators and learning methods
  10. Nursing education and curriculum development
  11. Employee orientation methods and (nurses or nursing)

Critical Care nursing Capstone ideas

  1. Operating room nurses and compassion fatigue
  2. Burnout among anesthetists
  3. Surgical asepsis
  4. Patient care involvement and intervention post-surgery
  5. Improving safety in operating rooms
  6. Operating room requirements and set up and the nurse’s role
  7. Complexity within the cardiac intensive care unit environment
  8. Preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative phases of surgery
  9. Role of ICU nurse
  10. Application of thermal heating to prevent intraoperative hypothermia

Nursing leadership Capstone ideas

  1. Importance of charismatic leadership among nurse leaders
  2. The stress management approach for nurse leaders
  3. Professional development strategies for nurses
  4. Importance of ethical practice among nurse leaders
  5. Impact of nurse leadership on patient outcomes
  6. Significance of nurse leadership
  7. What is leadership from a nursing perspective?
  8. Long term and short-term goals for clinical leaders
  9. Theories that support nurse leadership
  10. Importance of nurse leaders in quality improvement projects
  11. How nurse leaders can initiate and manage change
  12. The link between nurse leadership and change management
  13. Nurse leadership: Passion or Duty?
  14. Role of transformational leadership among nurse managers
  15. Significance of communication among interprofessional team nurse leaders
  16. Impacts of nurse engagement and inclusion on patient outcomes
  17. Organizational strategies nurse leaders can use to motivate the healthcare personnel
  18. Challenges facing contemporary nurse leaders
  19. Role of nurse leaders in solving conflicts in clinical settings
  20. Nurse leaders as patient advocates

Nursing Practicum Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Managing occupational stress met by healthcare workers
  2. How can a nurse approach the dilemma of abortion?
  3. Better relapse prevention mechanisms for psychiatric patients
  4. A statistical overview of maternal health status in the US
  5. Practical ways of preventing and dealing with stomach ulcers
  6. Importance of health risk awareness programs
  7. Ways of motivating nurses in Emergency services
  8. How to fit into a new hospital work station after a transfer
  9. Facts about life cycle nutrition
  10. Awareness about public health
  11. Best techniques for changing food habits
  12. Patient and his best meals
  13. Food preparation goals
  14. Nutrition facts for the family
  15. Normal diet and modifications of it
  16. Global aspects of nutrition and food
  17. Acute pain: treatment and assessment
  18. Effective nursing care for older person
  19. Medication reconciliation development
  20. ADHD and bipolar disorder among children and how families can cope.

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